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Ashley Magnus

[ oo1 : location - lobby ] • another ringer with a slick trigger finger •

Ashley'd been out on her bike, riding around the city. She was trying to find Squid, or... anyone with information really. With no luck, the irritated blonde decided it was time to head home. She spun back onto the grounds, parking her baby where it'd be most safe. She was walking quickly; there was a lot of residual frustration from a fruitless day wasting time - and what better way to work that out than a trip to the shooting range? Target practice always made her feel... complacent, at least.

When she pushed the doors open to walk into the main foyer, however... She was greeted with a sight that she never expected. "Uh," she noted, looking around the very unfamiliar redecoration of her home. "Mom?" she called out. The woman at the reception desk looked up at her.

"I'm afraid not, Miss Magnus," she smiled, cordial and polite as ever.

At least there was a person to intimidate answers out of. Ashley's hand was rested comfortably at her hip-holster, just in case, as she approached the desk. "So," she started, obviously annoyed, "Who the Hell're you? And why'd you redecorate my house? My mom's gonna be sorely pissed." She leaned with her free arm, elbow on the desk, a very intimidating glare on her face. The woman just... kept on smiling. That was even more annoying.

"Oh, this isn't your house," she replied gently, pushing a gold-plated phone (which, for some reason, was less annoying - perhaps because it matched her favorite gun) and a key toward Ashley. "This key will unlock your room, and the electronic device will be a means of identification and communication. It is advised that you keep it on your person at all times. We've been expecting you, Miss Magnus, and are quite happy you've arrived safely. Welcome to the city of El Dorado."

She didn't waste time picking up the items handed to her, but the look of skepticism that was slapped across her features remained so, and grew even more disbelieving as the woman spoke. "Woah, woah, woah. Did you just say El Dorado? Like, city-of-gold, El Dorado? History books and bad animated movies-style El Dorado?" Ashley was open to a lot of impossible things; the life she'd led since she was a child demanded it. But that? That was just insane.

The woman simply smiled with a single nod, and it was clear to the young woman that she wasn't going to get any answers this way. Turning, she walked toward a couch and sat down. She didn't really feel like going to her room at the moment. At all, actually. Ashley pulled out the phone, opening it and turning it over in her hand, picking it apart from the inside out with her mind. "Huh," she muttered to herself, "Just a phone."

She pocketed it, and just sat for a few minutes, looking around. She needed a minute before she tried to figure out just what the hell was actually going on.
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