redeemedripper (redeemedripper) wrote in eldorado_rpg,

[Lobby Sitting Room] A glass of wine calms the nerves

Something had changed for John ever since entering the city. His mind had calmed in the last few weeks. It was as if the years of guilt were but a distant memory. He wondered if it was part of his sickness, or some ploy of the creature Helen had told him about. Perhaps it was a trick to lull him into a false sense of security. John's mind never stopped, but it had calmed significantly.

He had taken to enjoying a glass of wine in the hotel's sitting room each evening. It allowed him time to sit and watch the residents, to take in his day and calm his nerves. It was a familiar ritual, and something that reminded him of simpler times. He often wished that Helen would join him, but would not push her. No, he simply sat and sipped at his drink, slowly.
Tags: ashley magnus, autumn briar, death, helen magnus, john druitt
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