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[ oo2 : location - city ; past nightfall ] • animal i have become •

What used to be Ashley isn't Ashley anymore. There's now a hulking creature, made almost entirely of ice - teeth, claws, the whole bit. The Wendigo has been, on and off, wandering through the city. Ir was snarling, and hungry, and it only wanted human flesh. El Dorado wasn't exactly safe anymore for people wandering aimlelssly through the night. Who was once just a girl with a gun had been turned into a bloodthirsty, flesh-hungry, raving beastly animal with nothing on its mind but the hunt, the kill, and the sweet taste of a victim.

She would wake up sometimes, in random locations, completely unaware of what she'd become. But the hunger was still there. It was like she was still half-human; she appeared to be her normal self, but in between transitions, between blacking out and the insatiable need for human flesh and hands she didn't recognize, being trapped inside of herself while she became a monster, there was just Ashley... Still wanting to devour every person she laid eyes on. She could suppress it when it wasn't hitting her full-on, but that wasn't going to last long.

Again, the creature took control, and Ashley burst from the mansion, unaware of what was happening to her. She was on a hunt, on the prowl ; Gods have mercy on whoever might've stumbled into the ravenous, frozen mess that she was.

{{ooc note; Information about the Wendigo according to Algonquin legends found here, and here.}}
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